Home Office with Elegant Linear Lighting

Linear LED with Architectural Options

LED Fixtures and Ribbons from JKL Components offer diverse lighting options for homes and living spaces.  These can be customized to fit small spaces or to add extra light in a work area.

Diffusion Lenses Offer Additional Warmth and Glow

Aluminum channel rails come in different widths, depths and configurations. Compatible lenses have transparent or translucent finishes. Companion clips and end mounts complete the system. You can create custom LED fixtures in any length.

Linear LED Ribbon with Channel Rail offers elegant diffuse lighting

The majority of JKL’s channel rails include an anodized matte finish. Aluminum rails offer a perfect heat sink for housing LED flex ribbon which will improves the longevity of the LEDs.

Complete a linear installation with a dimmer control. Then you can adjust the mood and brightness throughout the day.

This video offers step-by-step instructions to create a linear LED fixture for your home office or other architectural space.

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