Axial Lead Bulbs for VU Meters & Audio Equipment

Specialty Bulbs for Vintage Equipment

Vintage Audio Dials and VU Meters

Classic style VU Meters, amplifiers and other audio equipment often used axial lead bulbs for illumination. These tiny incandescent bulbs have wires on either side of a “grain” sized glass enclosure. Axial lead lamps such as the DA613 or DA513  light up the narrow spaces of dials and displays, such as for volume measurement or levels in audio equipment.

Used in a Variety of Equipment

Reel-to-Reel machines, Tascam Monitors, Recorders and a variety of Tape decks incorporate Axial lead bulbs in their dials. Small quantities of these bulbs are available from JKL components, providing easy replacements for the audiophile and vintage recording equipment enthusiast.

Uses of incandescent axial lead bulbs include many vintage audio equipment applications including:

  •  VU meter lamps
  • classic audio replacement lamps
  • vintage stereo receiver lamp replacements

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