Illuminate EV Chargers and Specialty NEMA Cabinets

LED illumination for NEMA Cabinets, Energy Chargers and More

JKL works with equipment manufacturers to create special-use custom-length LED assemblies.

Our pdf guide Custom LED Assemblies gives an overview of these products.

Our expertise facilitates compliance with rigorous testing and certifications including NEMA Classifications, UL and needed IP Water Resistance levels. Low Voltage energy efficient LED lighting solutions are available from JKL in various configurations to meet your case lighting needs:

  • EV Charging Stations
  • NEMA Cases
  • Enclosed Controls
  • Power Distribution Cases
  • Energy Management Control Cabinets
  • Electric Metering Equipment
  • Commercial Energy Pedestals
  • EV Feeder Cabinets

Contact JKL to discuss your project and manufacturing needs for LED light.

EV Charger Cabinet
EV Charger Cabinet
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