Custom Marine Lighting and Yacht Illumination

Linear and Component LEDs well suited for boats in the marina

Yachts and boats have special technical requirements – voltages, water resistance and more.

JKL’s offers LED flex ribbons well suited for the boating industry. Our flexible linear LEDs are used on the side of boats for illuminated lettering.

The IP ratings of our tested products ensure technical capabilities to work with wet and saline filled locations.

Our Alumiline MAX led fixtures are excellent for bridge, galley and passageway lighting.


JKL’s custom linear LED assemblies also work well for cabin design and other interior and exterior spaces on boats, yachts and disembarkation platforms.

Within yachts, boats and other nautical applications, LEDs are suitable for illuminated lettering, security railing, safety guild rails, stair lights and motor room lights.

Work with JKL to customize your fleet’s lighting.

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