Custom LED Assemblies

Flush and Corner Mount Linear LED Assemblies of Custom Lengths

Custom Linear LED Fixtures for a Variety of Industries

  • Shop, Food and Merchandise Displays
  • Cabinetry and Custom Furniture
  • Museum Exhibits and Showcases
  • Architectural Accents and Decor
  • Industrial Cabinets and Scientific Equipment

Custom sizing and standard options for Linear LED

JKL offers flush mount and corner mount LED bards as standard options. Other LED profiles- various widths and clipless designs-can be offered and configured.

Contact JKL to discuss custom assembly linear LED needs.

Consult this brochure for an overview of JKL’s Custom LED Assemblies



Choose your LED Ribbon

Select your Preferences

  • Clear or Diffuse Lens
  • Flush Mount or Corner Mount
  • Wire length and Connector
  • LED Bar Length: 4 Inches to  6.5 Feet


Sourcing Requirements

  • UL Approved LEDs
  • Materials are RoHS Compliant
  • JKL Components is ISO 9001 Registered
  • JKL familiar with Industry-specific regulations

Corner Mount and Flush Mount Options

These two models represent standard options. Other LED profiles can be offered and configured.

Food Warmers, Service Port Ovens and Buffets

Linear LED Illumination is ideal for food-based uses and specialty service equipment.

LED Fixtures for NEMA Cabinets and Traffic Equipment

Our linear LED Fixtures can fulfill the specific technical requirements needed by NEMA and other industrial cabinets.

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We’re Here To Help With Your Linear LED Needs

Whether it’s providing lighting for municipalities, transportation networks, applied sciences, industrial equipment, manufacturing, the hospitality industry or more, JKL Components can help with custom Linear LED Fixtures for your projects.

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