JKL Flex-10 Series – High Brightness, High Density LED Ribbon

Efficient linear LED with unprecedented density and brightness

JKL’s New Flex-10 Series solves many design challenges that may have prevented users from selecting LED flex ribbon in the past.

Historically the desired brightness could not be achieved with LED Flex Ribbon and efficiency (lumens per watt) just wasn’t there as compared to rigid board products. As LED Flex evolved, high brightness could be achieved but only with double and triple row- wide width ribbon.

JKL’s new 10mm width ribbon delivers efficient brightness while offering new design possibilities.

  •  More than twice the intensity of most standard high-density ribbons on the market today.
  •  Over 140 lumens per Watt. Most ribbons are 30-70 lumens per watt
  •  A great solution for use in lensed LED aluminum channels

The narrow 10mm width permits the ribbon to be used in most standard aluminum profiles.

Two 12V models and Two 24V models are available in Cool, Neutral and Warm White.

Connector Accessories are available to facilitate ease of connecting power and strip to strip connection – Joiner connector ZFS-CH-10J and Input Connector ZFS-CH150-10I.


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