Specialty Legacy Bulbs

Diverse lighting solutions for industrial and commercial applications, brightening your surroundings, and helping protect our environment.

Bulb Gripper

Bulb Extractor for Easy Bulb Change

Bulb Pliers Help Remove Small Lamps A bulb extractor gives you a good grip for replacing lamps. The soft material on the […]

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Slide Base LED bulbs for audio consoles and switches

LED Console Bulbs

Slide Base LED Replacements Help with Efficiency and Maintenance Many audio studios have panels with lots of illuminated knobs and buttons. Telephone […]

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Specialty Miniature Automotive Bulbs

JKL’s Expertise as an Automotive Supplier As a supplier to the automotive industry for over 35 years, JKL offers a wide variety […]

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Fuse Base Lamps & LED Replacements

Efficient Upgrade for Legacy Equipment T2 or 3AG Fuse Lamps were long the industry standard for of VU Meters, amplifiers and other […]

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